Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So long Vision Scapes

Well, today was my last day working for Vision Scapes. It was a good day, worked hard and got to play with a huge dog named Kara.

Kara is a bull mastif. She is freeking huge, and couldn't be any friendlier if you genetically engineered her to be.

So then I get home and I see this tied to two trees in the front yard.

Ya see, the tree to the left is leaning precariously towards the house. ehh, so what my dad did is tie a rope to the tree to the right, which is still firmly planted into the ground. So, a big storm is coming tonight, and I guess we will see what happens. :-/

This here is my last well made home cooked meal. Stuff like this won't be able to be whipped up in a heart beat in China. It is going to be a totally different playing field over there. Which isn't a bad thing. It is just going to be so amazingly different.

2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

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