Monday, May 21, 2007

I keep wanting to talk in spanish for some reason.

This morning started off with a nurse coming into the room and taking some blood from me. It wasn't like they do it in the US. ohhh no, she stuck a big ole needle with a huge syringe. Kind of intimidating, but she did a wonderful job, and got it on the first time. later on the main doc. and his help came in and did a through inspection. Physical neurological and the whole deal. He was kind of puzzled because he couldn't really find anything wrong with me. I wanted to tell him. "if you only knew." But, I smiled and let him inspect. Ohhh, by the way, I have never had an inspection quite like this one. Pulled my but cheeks apart, literally inspected me from head to towe. VERY THROUGH.
So, after that. Me, being the very inquisitive person that I am. I start looking all around the Hospital. By the way, I want to say how much i love it here before I say this. But, as i was looking around the hospital. Ya know, leaning out the windows and what not. It was a clear day, so i could see buildings very well. I see these huge smoke columns. Hummm, i swear i have seen the likes of these before. SO, i google Nuclear Power Plant cooling towers. and BAM! Right smack dab in the middle of down town Shenyang is a Nuclear Power Plant. LOL. it blew me away........then I realized, This ain't kansas anymore.

Then, Me, my mom, and Sid(translator) made our way to the Bank of China to do some money exchanging. It was very simple, and kind of fun. On a Monday, the Chinese bank is a very booming and busy place. We had to go to the bank of China of course, so we could get money. MONEY to buy FOOD. We did this at....

Wal-Mart!! They have everything here. And seriously, these companies rule this world. Just like at home.......except with live animals that look similar to something that is out of a fiction novel and things with eyes, and well.....I guess it isn't just like at home. But i like it a lot. China is a very unique place, and I believe that if you like to experience LIFE in it's fullest, you need to get out of your comfort zone and experience it. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. And ya know what, if the treatment doesn't do what I would like for it to do. I will have learned and experienced soo much. things that will make me a better person from the inside out.

So, once my mom got all her supplies, she whipped this up in the Crock Pot.
In the hospital. You do all your cooking in your room. It is best to go out and buy a Crock Pot and a Microwave. This can also be done at Wal-Mart. Very cheaply, and you can make delicious meals like this. Very yummy, and good for you. THANKS MOM!!!

After all that jazz. My mom & I went for a walk in the park, accross the street, and over the River. It was really quite an experience. I tell you what, this park was like a blast from the past. It had old carnival equpiment, and strange fortress buildings, and just a really unique park. Then, towards the end of the ohhh 35 min. walk. My mom and I stand and listen to this man playing an intresting looking string instrument. Well, then my mom totally blows me away. She walks up to him, smiles and starts talking to him. He doesn't understand a lick of what she is saying, but he knows she is intrested. Next thing I know she is getting a lesson on how to play this thing. She stepped out of her comfort zone and WOW, i was throughly impressed. I just have one more picture to show. Later in the evening, me and Frank went for a walk to get some noodles. Well, on our walk we ran into this. LOL. just cracks me up.

Yeah, that is a down power line. Very close to a Power Station. ummmmm.....I don't really need to say anymore. LOL. This is why i love this city. They got their priorities straight. Stem cell research...........then general safety. That is a joke by the way.

SO, wednesday i get my bone marrow taken out, and prepared to be put back in. I will explain more on wednesday, and have pictures and goodies to share. Then, on Friday, i get my first Umbilical Cord Stem Cell injection. I am excited and ready to see where this is going to go. Nothing but smiles from this mouth.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me, we went to church together when we were younger and my mom worked at boxed delites with your mom for awhile. My name is Sharon Wight, and I just wanted to tell you how cool I think it is that you are doing this. Going to China, taking on the unknown, while battling with an evil disease that most people our age could never even dream of living with. WOW. Your story is such an inspiration; I wish that we had kept in touch over the years. I believe fully in stem cell research and I am glad that you have found a way to make things work for you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here.


Sharon Wight

Anonymous said...

Michelle and I just wanted to send a quick note that you and your mother are in our thoughts and prayers daily as you undergo your treatment. You are truly an inspiration and we love hearing of your progress through your blog. God Bless and wishing you a very speedy recovery!

Brett and Michelle Aschliman
Madison, Morgan and Mallory
Fort Wayne, IN

loggerhead said...

Absolutely wonderful. I am so happy that you have this opportunity to better your MS and help the studies for all of the rest of us who cant go to China for help. You'll definatly be in my prayers as I follow along.

judyfriddle said...

Mikey - What an adventure you are having! Even though the bottom line for being there is to fight the MS, you are living every minute to the fullest, seeing things and connecting with people you will never forget. Tell your mom that I think of her often and send positive thoughts and prayers every day to both of you. My son also has MS and chemo is the next treatment in line for him and we are both are an inspiration for what we really need to do. PLUS - your website, pictures, and commentary are really excellent - very enjoyable and informative. I loved the storm video! Thank you for taking the time to share.