Wednesday, May 16, 2007

packing, dealing with emotions, and staying positive.

So, I have been running around, getting things we need, packing those things, and finilizing everything. Check it out.

The top picture is the request box. That is full of stuff that a family requested I bring for them, because otherwise they will run out of supplies by Saturday. The other 2 pictures are packing stuff. food, books, clothes, entertainment, EVERYTHING!!

Earlier today I got my hair done. Courtney Miller....

Who is an amazing person, and an even more amazing hair stylest cut, and colored my hair today. I am quite happy with it. Here is a picture of it drying while i was chillen with her on her patio thingy outside of the apartment.

It's kind of bright, but you get the picture. She added some light brown highlights, and it looks really good. I am happy with it.

So, emotionally. I am pretty tore up. I wish, more than anything I had someone to support me through this. preferably someone with boobs, someone I trust, someone I like, someone I enjoy being around. BUT, I guess I am suppose to take this on not by myself, because I am far from alone. God, my biggest support is always there, good or bad, happy or sad. But I do believe I need to face this without the support from a direct female companion. And that tells me, i'm not suppose to have that special "someone" right now. She will come, I can be patient. That is exactly what i will do. I trust God with my life and health, I can trust him with my G/F. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

As soon as I get done with this BLOG, I am going to check my mail one last time, and pack it up. The next blog that will be posted from here, will be posted from CHINA!!!

I was on the Television!!! Check out the story! CLICK HERE


Flight leaves Indy at 3:33pm


Anonymous said...

As I type this you should be over or near the Rockie Mountains. I only guess what is running through your mind at this time. I just hope you know there are thousands and thousands of us back here in the Fort supporting and praying for you.
Some of us have family members that face illnesses as rare our rarer then yours. We have only walked a few steps while you have already walked miles. You have inspired us to keep up fighting no matter what others may say.
We will be with you in spirit each and everyday. A day does not go by without us thinking of you and hoping only for the best.
We look forward to hearing from you and keep the faith Mikey as we are keeping the faith.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I am 45 years old and started reading about you in the allen county times by chance about a month ago...I am from van vert ohio and i hope and pray for you every day... i check your blog first thing from work every day and i know by now you could be in china..I have a son and daughter around your age so it makes me think when i relate to you.. I hope your treatment takes the way you hope and i will look you up when you get home...lets stay in touch.. call me van wert guy