Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's are the best days

I love going to CLUB (the once a week gathering we have for Young Life) because it is when all the contact work, loving, and what not comes together and fills a room for an hour and a half or so. Tonight at CLUB, I got pied in the face because I did not know where the most vanilla was produced. It was Madagascar, and one of the kids I hang out with bet I would not know that one, so he chose me as the leader. If I would have gotten it correct, he would have been pied in the face. But I did not, so I got pied.

So, about CLUB. Jessica gave the talk. She did an amazing job, and kids were totally linked with what she was saying. She was talking about how having doubt, does not mean you cannot believe in God. She talked about how some people think that until they "get it," that they should just hold off on the whole FAITH concept. When Christ says, "come as you are, confusion and all."

I connected with it, and knew TRUTH was in her message.

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