Saturday, March 21, 2009

eye eye captain

Yes in deedy, I got some things taken care of today. First thing on my agenda; get the rest of my airfare to Arizona out of the way. I left the house around noon, and was at the library by 12:30. I got on a computer and finished with some of the questions that the Lost Canyon (camp I will be interning at) staff ask in order to get a better feel for where I am at Spiritually, as well as my personality.

Then I started the search for the tickets.
It took me a while, but I found a ticket from Flagstaff to Indianapolis for $306.50. Not bad, considering the ones I bought last Tuesday (the 10th) were $334.79. That is a real good thing I think because I cut out about 30 bones, so I am happy with that. I am getting really excited about this internship too. I mean you can see the excitement in my eyes!!Now I just have to keep my act together long enough to finish this semester off with a solid footing (good grades) and get as many kids totally pumped for our area's camp trip to Windy Gap in North Carolina!!

SO, then I did my Bible study. It was such a nice day, I went outside to Bible it up.Yes, yes, the good ole Israelites are about to come into the Land God promised them. They are getting closer and closer. Starting to learn. . . .a weee little bit too.

Then I went to the computer lab and was working on an assignment for my photography class. We were given 4 different pictures, we had to take an unedited picture, and make it look like the edited picture. They were pictures that our Professor had taken, and we had to do the best we could in Photoshop to make them look like the ones he had edited. Just take a look.The top left was the picture he had edited. The original picture l0oked a mess. He told us we could take the picture in a different direction if we saw fit. If you notice, I went a lighter and brighter green on the elf as well as the stripe on the girl's (to the left) jacket. With this picture, it was not too difficult. I actually did an "auto color & auto brighten" option, and it almost made it look identical. So, the hockey picture was super simple. It is late, and I am still on campus at the 24/7 computer lab. I am going home now, I have not eaten, and my head hurts.

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