Thursday, March 05, 2009

it got warm

Today was beautiful. OHH YES!! At work, we decided to take the kids outside for the first time this year. They were pumped, and the picture above is of them lining up outside for snack time. You gotta love a good snack time outside on a beautiful day.

When I got home from work, I had a package delivered to my house. I ran to the door just as quick as possible so I could thank the UPS man as he walked back to his truck. Check out my new kicks!! I like them a lot, and am glad I went with them.

The evening rolled around, and it was time to go to photography class. Ohh yes, field trip time. Instead of meeting in the usual classroom, we had a field trip to a HUGE NURSING HOME. We met in the basement, and it was a Fort Wayne, Camera club convention thing. It was pretty sweet. They displayed pictures that members entered, and then there was a panel of judges who judged them. My prof was one of the judges. It was pretty fun.

On Monday, one of the main topics in my Bible study, was consequences of sin, and how they are something that will be dealt with. I am currently dealing with one of them. Tom (one of the Young Life staff in Fort Wayne) asked if I would be available to take a van load of kids to Kentucky, for a sort of work crew preparation weekend. If you want to know what ~WORK CREW IS~ Simply click that link. Anyways, I of course said, OHH HECK YES!! My spring break officially started as soon as I left the nursing home. Well, I get a phone call saying that I may not be able to go. Ya see, Young Life may not be able to cover me insurance wise, because I got a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in September of 2006, and it won't be 3 years until September. If I won't be able to drive those kids, that will be a consequence of Sin that I will have to continue to deal with. I understand and accept that. God will do His work, regardless of what I can or can't do. Just like the fact that I can so clearly see concepts I learn in Bible study.

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