Monday, March 23, 2009

God heals and honors obedience.

I did not study for my LAW class at all over the weekend, this action. . . . or lack of action had Pro's & Con's. Pro's = I did not have to study/read any Law this weekend. I had a break from Law. Con's = There is a crunch time to get my reading caught up. I have to some what hurry through the different chapters, instead of taking my nice leisurely time like I usually do. Ohh well, I banged a bunch out today, and got a 10 our of 10 on the online quiz I took.

I went through the day, and I realized something. I am happy. I really am happy, and excited for my position. Right now in life, I am not living the most exciting and fascinating life, a lot of people my age went on amazing Spring Breaks, with drunken foolishness, and crazy stories to tell. But, I am content with where God has me. I am keeping my eyes fixed on the prize, or maybe I should say Prize.Eventually after time rolled on for a while, I went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Boy I sure do love singing Hymns. In BSF, we are studying the Life of Moses. We just finished Numbers 21. The Israelites are closing in on the Promised Land that God told Abraham he would deliver unto his descendants. I just love listening to Jack, and being challenged by him. But back to the hymns. Today we sang, Great is thy Faithfulness & Come thou fount of every blessing. Two amazing hymns, they just speak so much truth. It really encourages me at BSF. I am by far the youngest one of the group, but that is even more encouragement. I want to continue towards complete surrender. Surrender to a cause that I can give my all for. I am going to go to bed. I hope I sleep well. I have been pretty restless the past, ohh I don't know week or so.


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