Thursday, March 26, 2009

The hand of God

Driving to school today, I got behind a gentlemen who had a sticker on his window that really stood out to me. It was pretty depressing, because I thought of the mindset that would have to accompany this whole simplified idea. I edited the image a little bit, to get the sentence to stand out a bit more.In case your eyes will not let you focus in on what it says on the top of his back window. It says, LIFE SUCKS THEN YOU DIE. Now, could this guy have just thought it was a funny phrase, and slapped it on his car? Of course, but this phrase goes much deeper than that. I know people who live like that. And it's. . . well, sad. If that is all there is to life, meaningless existence, then death. Well, what would even be the point? Why exist at all? There HAS to be such a greater picture. If there isn't, then I might agree with that phrase posted on that guys car. But it is not true, and there is so much more to life than just mere existence. I will explain my hypothesis by explaining what a little 5 year old girl said to me today. I was outside playing on the play ground with the kids at work, and the clouds and sky were beautiful. I challenge the kids to use their imagination as much as I can. Often I will ask them, "What do you think that cloud looks like?" or "What do you see in the clouds today?" I will show you the cloud that was in question, then tell you what a little 5 year old girl named Jayla said to me about it. I was running and chasing after this little girl, when she paused and said, "Mr. Mikey, look at the hand!" I said, "what hand Jayla?" She pointed, and said, "look in the sky." She then said, "It must be the hand of God." It really made me think, and I thought about that darn sticker on that guys car. But, for a little girl, with childlike faith to say that a simple cloud looks like the hand of God, well that is pretty awesome to me. I said to her, "ya know what Jayla, I think that is more of a hand of God than you know." She just smiled and said, "bet you can't get me!"

I did of course get her. :o) Tonight was my photography class. This week's assignment was a specific food of our choice. I decided to do Pizza. I traveled all over the place seeking out pizza shops here and there. I got to talk to a lot of people, and smell a lot of great pizza. I'm going to share my contact sheets, then show you my picture that I edited a little bit in Photo Shop to turn in.And here she is, the pizza picture of all pizza pictures.It was taken at The Pizza Emporium right on Coliseum & Parnell. ~CLICK HERE~ to see the actual satellite photograph (It's right on the corner). I have not eaten here yet, but this place looks and smells wonderful. And the people, well the people are awesome, if not amazing. PRETTY ROCKIN COOL! God is soo good, even in confusion and hardships, God reins through in the most amazing ways possible.

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