Monday, March 16, 2009

lesson learned

Shortly after I dropped my sister off for work (she got her 2nd DWI & does not have a license currently) I was driving on Lima road and a copper got behind me right away. I was like 70% sure of why I was being pulled over. I did not have a seat belt on. Not because I choose not to wear it, but because currently it is not working. You might ask yourself, "seat belt not working?" For which I would answer, "yea, it's broken." My belt use to be an automatic one, where I would never have to worry about it. But ya see, it broke. :o( It use to do this nasty loud and annoying grinding noise, and it would not move at all, unless I forced it to do so with my hand and intense upper body strength (sarcasm added). That seemed silly, so a while ago, I had the repair shop just keep it in the upper locked position. So, every time I got into my car, I would have to pull the belt over my head, and sit down. Are you following me? Well, I think since the mechanism that sucks in and let's out the belt was not created to be stretched out so far all the time, that is what caused some kind of failure. Yes, the belt broke. And that is why I did not have my seat belt on. Because it is stuck in the OUT position, and would be pointless to wear. I have it tucked back behind my seat. Well, I should have had it fixed a while ago, but I did not. And so.....lesson learned.

I got to get my Box Ball (also known as 4-square) on with some very excited youngsters. I hope summer decides to stay upon us, and this warmness is a trend that will continue. I am totally tired of cold, and fully ready for warm.

After I got off work, I headed home only for enough time to make something to eat, and head out the front door for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

BSF was good, I did not have my dad to sit next to though. He is sick, and so I headed off dadless. The overriding theme was God's authority. How man deserves nothing, but is given everything. I had to let that soak for a while, but it is very true in my life. I deserve nothing, but through Christ I am given everything. I could have no materialistic things, an empty stomach, and a burden the size of an elephant on my shoulders, but through Christ I would still have EVERYTHING. Also, another side note I pulled importance out of was, "A Godly man, will stand in submission to authority." That is difficult for me to swallow, because my pride can creep up on me very quickly, sometimes without me noticing that it is happening.

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