Monday, March 02, 2009

Today was filled with all sorts of sweet stuff.

Now here this. In case you did not know, TODAY IS Dr. SEUSS's Birthday!! Horray Horray, this day, this day. The furry cat is in dismay, the smiles shine, the coat is glossed, the cat in the hat is at no loss. His words stand strong, his morals; true, as we read and enjoy, they comfort and soothe. For the young and old, the stories are bold......I'm done. That was my ode to Dr. Seuss.In loving memory of Dr. S, we had one of the girls read I wish that I had Duck Feet to the younger children. She did a very excellent job. Then, as soon as I got off work in the A.M., I went directly to the downtown library. Ya see, my sister got her 2nd DWI, and she had court today. The downtown library is right by the court house, and I told her I would go and study there and wait for her to get a hold of me. I did that exactly.
Then, I took her over to her girlfriends house (far right/apartment), so she could pick up her cell phone and get dressed for work (you can't have cell phone's in the Allen County Superior Courthouse). I took her to dixies, and then to work. I love Merideth a whole lot. A whole lot... It hurts me to see where she is at.

I then went to the YMCA, and worked my butt off. Probably literally a little bit (and I have a small but!). I needed to do this, because yesterday I woke up at like 3A.M. and could not get back to sleep. NOT GOOD!! I find that when I work out, I can sleep good. That is just how it is. So I have to try to make time for working out. Once I got done working out, I went and studied more. I got a test tomorrow, and I am prepared for it for sure. When I was done studying for the day, I went down by the river in Shoff park, and parked my car. I listened to some Bob Dylan, and some M.O.E. and prayed and watched the water flow by. It was good. To the left side of the car, I had a beautiful view of the sunny sky. And although it was a brisk 20 degrees, I felt warmed by the sun and magnificent view. To the right, there sat the mighty river. I love rivers. Even dirty brown ones. There is just something about a river that amazes me. No matter what crap is flowing down it, they just keep flowing. Even if there is hardly any water at all, and it seems as though all will halt to a stop...they keep flowing. BSF was amazing tonight. I took some killer notes. I left them downstairs, and I am totally upstairs. The basic flow of the evening was this...Sin, still, although God completely forgives & even forgets. You (humans) still have to deal with the ramifications of what sin got us into. Bingo Bango Bongo.

Philippians 4:11 I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

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