Sunday, March 01, 2009

that's more like it

This is my kind of shopping. This beats the heck out of the mall ANY DAY in my opinion. Just look and click. I ended up finding a pair of shoes that I decided to go with too. They are definitely not my "typical" style of shoes, but "pshhh" I don't consider myself a typical kind of guy. So Check um out.... I knew I wanted a red pair of shoes. For some reason, RED RED RED was just sticking in my head. I knew that I wanted something that was sort of a high top, but without being a really high top. Ya know?? So much to consider, and I FOUND IT!! Also, I got a %20 off code online, plus an additional %10 already taken off from the get go. I mean, how could I let something like that slip out of my grasp? I got these for $57.59 with free shipping, and free returns if I want to return them. I am happy with that. They sure are red though (staring deeply with a little drool coming out of mouth). So after I got these shoes, I got a shower. I did not go to church today, because....well I guess it was just a lazy day. I should have gotten up, and went to church, but I was very undisciplined today.

Anyways, after the shower I went to a Young Life leader meeting. It was really good, and we really talk about specific kids, and what we can all be doing for them. It is awesome, because for some of these kids, we are probably the only people who are thinking and trying out how to help move them forward in life. It's a beautiful thing. To do unto others, what you would want them to do unto you. Man is it ever...

Now, I am at the library. I am on the computer right now as I type, but as soon as I publish this POST, I will go back over to the table I was working at, and finish with the index cards I was filling out for interpersonal communications/stupidity... Most all of my classes so far I can find a big significance in, this class, or at least the way it is taught, isn't clicking for me. Ohh well, sometimes stuff in life is like that. You just have to push forward. Keep your eye on the final goal. Stay motivated in the unmotivated grimes of life. I'm done.


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