Saturday, February 28, 2009

today I'm better

As the title so profoundly explained, I am doing much better today. I guess it was just a 24 hour bug. A nasty one at that though. I was really under the weather. It was crazy how horribly painful my body aches were. I mean, it was as if I had injured my lower back. But, as soon as the fever and ickyness were gone, so was the body pain. No matter though. I had to get back to school fairly quickly today. As soon as I got around, maybe 1:15 I was at school right back to the same classroom/computer lab where I have my Thursday evening photography class. You might ask yourself, Why, why did you need to get back there so quickly? I WILL TELL YOU. I forgot my little scandisk flash memory card. When I went back to check it and all the available lost & found's. It was still no where to be found. :o( This means someone in a Friday class swiped it. Now, is it important enough for me to dig in a little bit and go to those Friday classes and see who sit's in that seat.......Well, if I couldn't recover that information, then MAYBE, but since I can recover that information, I probably will not. I just hate that people steal stuff like that. It just really eerks me like no other. Anyways, here are 3 portraits that I really liked from the last assignment.

Yea, I like the way those pictures turned out. The first one was of a little girl that we watch in Daycare, and her pregnant mommy. The second was of a the girl Annie ( I think that's her name) from my law class who let me take some pictures. And the third was of my friend Brandon, who blows glass at my other friends house. I thought they would all make nice portraits, and I was right.

Back to MY DAY... I did a very SMALL amount of studying, before I went to the MALL..... Ahhhh, yes the MALL sucked me in. I need a new pair of shoes, and I went to the place I hate like no other. I went to the MALL, and I hated every second of it. So much so, that I could not stand being there for very long. It's almost like people put on their big fake faces to fake it up for the world to see. And sadly, they aren't exactly putting on what I would call their "good face." Usually it is just a very worldly face that is extremely materialistic and prideful. This is just my way of saying, I HATE THE MALL, and it was a stupid decision for me to go there. NUFF SAID.The mall was yuck, but hanging out with Jesse & Nick was not yuck. It started off at Nick's house. I took them to get pizza, and gave Nick his first lesson on how to drive a stick shift. Then we went back and played a little bit more video games. After that, I talked them into going to several big SUPERMARKET's to try to spend as much drive time in their electric cart's as possible. From the 4 stores we visited late at night, we only got a total of about 17 seconds of drive time. No matter though. The night kind of ended with a little King of the ice mound. Ya know how when big parking lots are plowed, and it has warmed up several times, but not enough to rid the lot of the big nasty sharp and jagged massive mounds of ice/dirt yet. Well, we played king of the hill on one of those. It was a bad idea, because it was really sharp, and it was hard to get down from. But we can say we did it now. And that is all that matters.....

For she said, if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. --Mark 5:26

Now that is faith. Unmoving, solid, extreme faith you can sink your teeth into. She didn't know exactly what He was about, but she knew he healed, and did amazing things, and for her that was enough. wow to that.


Sharon W said...

Hehe, I know Monique, the mom in the first picture!

Anonymous said...

easy on being so judgemental of other people. you don't have any idea what people thought of you when they saw your face at the mall either do you? just a thought

Mikey said...

very true Anonymous...Thanks for helping me to be brought back down to ground level. I just need to realize that I don't belong in the MALL, and that it is not the people who are the problem, sin is the problem.