Monday, February 16, 2009

sick of it? NOT ME & Donnie Darko

This morning as soon as I got out of work, I went right to the YMCA. I did not sleep well at all last night. I don't know if it is my M/S causing me cognitive issues, but I was dog tired, and my body would not let me fall asleep. I had an amazing evening, what with George and all too. I fell asleep the first time after hours of laying in bed, just because I prayed myself to sleep. Then I woke up, woke up wide awake......and it was only 2:30AM. I was like, "awww common." That is just how it is sometimes though. So I worked out hardcore this morning and went to the library to study study study. I am going to keep showing off pictures of me in the study mode because...well because I am not sick of it, possibly slightly sick of it. But I am just going to physically show my steadfast to the whole study thing.I am not showing off, this is just my life. The title of this BLOG is, "MY LIFE, MY JOURNEY." So, I feel it is good to show my life. I hope you are following me, because this is really as simple as I can put it. Just kidding, I know my readers are super smart, and love that I show boring pictures of me in a study portal at a dusty library. Maybe some day, I will be able to BLOG from a isiland off the coast of Australia. Or, from Mars. Either would be equally cool.I went to Wall-Mart today. How do ya like that. Good ole friendly neighborhood Wall-Mart. The above picture was in the check out line, but that lady bought that stuff. I just had to re-up (by more) on some 35mm film for my photography class. This week's assignment; People at work. The night almost ended with BSF. My dad wispered in my ear and said, "hey, check out what one of the guys said in my group." He showed me what he wrote down, and made a comment about it." I wrote this down at the top of my lecture notes. Before I put down all my own notes for the lecture.
It said this...
-Shame is the gateway to Grace.
~If you're not ashamed of what you've done, or you can't understand shame, then you won't be able to grasp Grace. Grace has many deep theological definitions. I like this one, grace is undeserved love and affection. I do not deserve for God to love me so much that he knows every hair on my head. I do not deserve for God to give his only son for my life, sins and short comings, but he did. I understand very clearly what I have done and continually do wrong. By God's grace I am wiped clean. Beautiful God, simply beautiful.

The night really ended with me and my parents watching the movie Donnie Darko. The last time I watched it was at my friend Tony's house. It was a pretty strange situation that only the BLOG post from that day can do justice. ~CLICK HERE~ to see what i'm talking about. I live a "unique" life. To me it is pretty exciting on a daily basis. Maybe later this week I will share the statistics of my BLOG. They are nothing HUGE, but pretty interesting to say the least, to me they are anyways.


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Anonymous said...

My definations for Grace.
1. Unmerited Favor
2. The power and ability to do God's will.
let me know what you think.