Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I applied for a summer intern position at the camp that I volunteered at last summer in Arizona. I GOT THE POSITION!! THE PAID POSITION!!! Check out the E-Mail I got this morning.

Hi Mikey!

Congratulations! I am writing to officially say “You’re HIRED!”

Attached you will find a Word Form that we ask you to read through and initial and sign as directed and then return to me (electronically or snail mail – either way is fine). This is your official acceptance of the summer intern position.

We are THRILLED you will be joining us again this summer!

Feel free to contact us as any questions arise. Much more paperwork will be coming along a bit later in the spring.
Thank you!


That is so sweet! I am so totally excited, now all the logistics of the whole situation will start to come into play. My semester ends on May 10th, and I have to be at the camp in Arizona on the 11th. Ohhh boy ohhh boy, this is really something.

This week's assignment was motion. The Young Life area director, Josh had an idea to go out with my camera and tri-pod during low light, and set it up and just expose it for a long time while traffic was going by. He said it would get all blurry and look really cool. We will see. This is what I had set up at one location.I went to a couple of other areas in Fort Wayne, to get a different shot's. BUT, this one was the easiest one for me to take a picture of me taking a picture. The thing I hate and love about shooting NON-DIGITAL photography is that you just don't know how it is going to turn out. When it does not turn out the way you want it to, it SUCKS, but when it does, IT IS AMAZING!!! So, we will see tomorrow when I develop it. I am tired, and need to go to beddy bye.

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