Monday, February 09, 2009

i-hop, study/sick, Bible study

Started off the day with a little I to the Hoppity. I met with my friend Brandin, the kid who I took sking with me not too long ago, and have known for a little over a year. I met him last year just from hanging out at the Snider lunch room, and going to his table every week to talk with him. Well, sense then, we have established a friendship and try to meet up with each other every now and then. It's good, God is at work some how, even if I can't see how.
When I left I-Hop, I went straight to the library. The library is good because it is very quiet, and there is no mistaking why I am there. I am there to read, take notes, and mess around on the computers just for a little bit. BUT MOSTLY STUDY!! It was quiet, and there was some studying. I have my first Elements of Law test tomorrow morning. I am feeling pretty good about it. God knows I have spent enough time reviewing, reading, and memorizing the material. I feel I should do good. We will see tomorrow. When I got home from the library, I went out back and kicked what was left of my beautiful snow man. If you remember not to long ago, I had a magnificent man of snow proudly standing in my back yard. ~CLICK THIS LINK~ to see what he use to look like during his glory days. As you can well see, he is not in such good shape any more. And in all actuality, he is much worse now even. I kicked what was left of his chest, and now he is nothing more than a puny base. So long friend.Then it was off to Bible Study Fellowship. It was really hard to concentrate tonight though. About half way through the day, I started getting the sniffles, sore throat, and all that non-sense. I was sniffling so much, it was annoying me, I was super tired, and worn out feeling, so I just had troubles concentrating. But, I do remember that the jist of Liviticus 25,26, & 27 were that all men should be treated equally, God is a fair God, and that He needs to be respected and he will then respect you. Seems simple. Ohhh Israelites, you silly silly people. You are so much like people of today. Ohhh Silly, silly people of today (including me).

G'Night! Say a prayer that this darn cold goes away quickly. THANKS!!

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