Sunday, February 15, 2009

church & library & more church OH MY!

I was amazed, blown away, nourished, enlightened, and empowered by today. Let's look back on the events that took place. Pay attention though, because it does not make a whole lot of sense until the end. Well, I started off at Alliance Community Church. The last time I was here, it was super bowl Sunday. It was great, really great. I liked it a lot, and felt super comfortable there. ~CLICK HERE~ to be reminded of just how comfortable I was. I'm just saying, I love feeling welcomed, and to have God just BE THERE, ya know. It is a beautiful thing when, as Dave would say, "the cause is more important than the people." WOW DOES THAT NEED TO BE TRUE IN EVERY CHURCH!! But anyways, check this out. When church get's out, I go straight to the library. Ohh yes, that is correct, THE LIBRARY!This was my place of study. This picture was taken when I was finishing up my Bible study for the week. And those stripes on my shirt were from the new Polo I got, I look good in it. I'm just saying.... STUDY time was good because on Chapter 7 in my Elements of Law class, I studied and studies a real hard chapter, and got an A+ on the online quiz I had to take. It was 10 questions, you have a maximum of 1 hour to take it, and I finished in 5 minutes. That means I spent thirty seconds on each question. That is pretty good I do believe.

I had made a decision last Sunday at Dave church. I made a decision based on my friend George's reaction after we left. George, who is turning his life around, in an amazing and GOD driven sort of way, said to me, "I really feel at peace there." This in itself, is a huge statement for George. George struggles with anxiety, and does not feel comfortable around strangers. I brought him to Dave church the first time a while back, like 6 weeks ago and he got dropped right into the thick of it. Loud singing and praising to God. I knew it was what he needed, but could only tell him by throwing him into it. I knew he was ready, and I guess I just kind of assumed God would do the rest. I had faith that He would. I rambeled a little bit, i'm not sorry, but I will get back to the library now. The DECISION I had made was that I had to get George back. Ya see, when we left last week, George said to me, "man, we should get some pizza and stay and chill with them." The two times we had gone before last week, he was real antsy to get out of there a.s.a.p. I knew it was a "God thing." So, as soon as he said that, I went with it right away. In fact, God told me that needed to take precedence over whatever else.It was not an audible voice, but it might as well have been. I believe fully that when the Holy Spirit puts something on your heart, you just know it. And the Holy Spirit also gives discernment to know what is of Him, and what is not. So now the CONFLICT came around. I am committed to Young Life. I knew there was a chance I had a Young Life meeting, but instead of checking it right away, and planning accordingly. I just didn't. I suppose maybe I knew inside I would have one, but just didn't want to deal with any possible confliction. So, when I was at the library today I got a text message reminding me along with all the other leaders that we had a Young Life meeting. DO'OH!! It happened. I replied and said briefly that I could not attend because of something important. I got a message back....then a phone call from the YL area director. We talked for a while, and I explained it, but I kind of sugar coated it. I didn't lie directly to him, but sort of in a way. I beat around the bush, and didn't tell him I "kind of had an idea" that we had a meeting. Instead I left him with the thought that I "forgot." I did not tell him what I knew in my heart, which was that God told me to take George. Maybe because I didn't want to tell him that and then find out it was not true.... So I took George, and did not go to the leader meeting. Turns out that tonight was a huge breakthrough for George and Dave Church. We, as a church talked about something really important at Dave church tonight. We talked about our plan as a church. We got some specific things to pray about, and a plan of action in Christ to flow with. George heard it, and said, "I have never really been a part of a church before, it has never really made sense till I came here. I want to be part of this, can I be a part of this?" I about fell apart. My eyes were literally welling up with tears. This was amazing! George "get's it," and see's that what we are doing is for Christ. Like Dave said, the Cause (spreading the news of Salvation) must be more important than the people (body of believers in the Church). That does not mean that you should not build up the body, or grow them, quite the opposite in fact. It was a beautiful thing. God amazes me over and over again. I wrote a lot today. I threw in some pictures to lessen the blow though. Hope it all made sense. :o)

P.S. I tried to call Josh (YL area director) tonight. But, he was not available. I will be calling him tomorrow first thing to tell him exactly what was going on, and apologizing for not being 100% straight forward and explaining why I was not.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mikey,
Thanks so much for being you!
and thanks for being led by the Spirit
Love DLP

Mikey said...

Someone else could say that, and it would not mean nearly as much as it does coming from you. Thanks a million!!!