Friday, February 27, 2009

today i'm sick

As I lay on the couch, with an unsettled tummy I realize that the saying, "when the sun goes down. the fever goes up," is a very sincere saying. I woke up this morning and puked like crazy. I also woke with this body ache that was just out of control. I didn't eat anything till about 9:00PM, and it is staying down, that is a real good thing. It seems like when I stay down, I do alright. I am just so thankful that I have a fever because it means that it is not my Multiple Sclerosis acting up. Ya see, my M/S can push me into what is called vertigo, and it usually comes on with a real upset stomach right after I wake up. It's funny, but a fever has never been so welcomed, and I can say that my 1 year+ time free from M/S exacerbations continues on. :o) HORRAY FOR FEVERS!! I say horray because if it were an M/S attack, I would experience similar feelings, but without the fever.....also
everything would be spinning. OK, this is mikey signning off.




The Hands said...

Does having the fever mess with your MS? How about not eating for long periods of time? I'm ignorant.

Mikey said...

Well, anything that puts prolonged stress on my body can mess with my M/S, if the fever is not long lasting, or does not get extremely high like past 103 or so, then I feel confident in saying it is not a threat to my M/S. As for the eating part, well many neurologists believe that diet and M/S are directly related. My answer would go as follows; a extreme change in diet, could impact my M/S, not eating for a day because my stomach is in a funk, I don't "think" so.

Mikey said...

I forgot a key idea. My M/S is being held in remission because of the drug TYSABRI I have been on for going on 13 months now. SO, anything that is going on in my body M/S related will not be seen until the MonSter rears it's ugly head again. No worries or fear coming from this guy though, God is in control. :o)

Megan said...

i'm sorry you were sick, that's no fun!