Thursday, February 19, 2009

pictures and numbers

I went to that Basketball game yesterday, and well I think that this picture turned out pretty good. The assignment was "people working." I was focusing on the REF of course.I stopped at some random restaurant called Wings, etc. And asked the waitress if I could snap a picture of her working. She was supposed to pretend like I was not there, but she kind of gave me "the look" so I snapped a pic. I really like the way it turned out. Here are some other pictures.This was taken at McDonalds after the game yesterday. I guess it was of me "working," but I was not working, and I didn't actually take it...because you can't take a picture like this of yourself, unless you have a tripod and your timer works. So...yea. I like this picture a lot though. HERE ARE SOME MORE!!Here is one of my Pop's at work. And one ofMr. D in shop class.

So yea, those are my pictures. In my Bible Study today, I went through Numbers 11:4-35. I have already gone through Exodus and Leviticus. Again, I am seeing just how much of a "stiffed neck" people the Israelites are, and how much they just fight everything. They go against God and just refuse to surrender. Wait a second, I am starting to make some kind of similar correlation between the Israelites and parts of my life....can this really be (intense sarcasm)??? I love going through "the life of Moses." I have grown and been challenged in areas that I have never really touched on before. It is amazing to see when and how God chooses to work, if you just let him in and do his transforming. Beautiful thing the Holy Spirit is.

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