Sunday, February 08, 2009

Do you believe in what you see?

I had a conversation with one of my friends a while back. We talked of God, and many subjects that were "God concerned." When it came down to the, "well, do you believe in God?" He was kind of beating around the bush, I got an answer that was kind of like, "well, I know everything didn't come from a dust particle." He further explained that it just was not enough. I asked him, "well, would you surrender your life if Christ came back right in front of you, if he let you touch him, or did miracles?" He kind of shrugged and said, "well yea." I have a strong inkling that he would not. I mean, I am studying the Israelites in my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and they had God do all the most amazing things EVER, but still choose to turn their backs and go against him, and do their own thing instead. That is where blind faith plays such a HUGE part in the walk with Christ/personal relationship. Trusting no matter what the situation is, allows you to create a relationship with God, that brings you to new and inspirational levels in your life. It is truly amazing. For me, personally. My belief in God can be explained like my belief in the wind. I can not physically see wind. I can not physically touch wind. Sometimes when it is really cold, it will blow past me and give me chills do the innermost part of my bones. When I see a great tree flow back and fourth on a windy day, I can see the impact wind has on it. The wind becomes real and tangible, but not physically present. With GOD, I can not physically see Him. I can not touch Him or have Him physically touch me. BUT, without the slightest doubt in my mind I KNOW he exists. I know He exists when lives change, for better or worse. When I am chilled to the bone after experiencing the Holy Spirit move in such a powerful way, it is just undeniable. Today, the Young Life conference in Louisville continued. We heard the speaker speak, but the WORSHIP music was what really got me. Don't get me wrong, I took some really awesome stuff from the speaker (Jack), but the worship music, and singing to God with 400 other like minded individuals can do something to a person. This was Jesse, he was the worship music leader for the weekend, and boy was I glad he was. Filled with the Holy Spirit that man was. Great music, very fun, very Holy. I am so glad I was able to go to Louisville with my team this weekend, it was GREAT!!

I got home and took George to Dave Church. Again, an amazing message, and George was glad I kind of persuaded him to go. He didn't want to at first, but after I got him there, he was very thankful he did. This is a great picture of Dave. In his message tonight, we talked about the church, and what the Church's stance needs to be on the topic of the cause. His cause, to paraphrase the whole thing would look like this. [The cause is more important than the people]. SLAM BAM, thank you ma'am! These were some of my notes, I am just going to throw them down because I am tired, and I am taking a kid from Snider to breakfast tomorrow morning, so I wanna go to bed. I love you for taking an interest in my life. I really do.
CAUSE: We need 2 do what is in Gods best interest: proclaiming Him & loving Him.
-drawing others to Him.
-doing unto others what we want done to us.
-sacrifice ourselves: live in a way that works for others best matter what. This must continually be made the central focus.
-thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Do we really strive for that? Making those two one in the same is the goal.
-must be sold out for the cause, willing to die 4 the cause.
-a Clear cause creates community. ++COMMITMENT TO THE CAUSE=COMMUNITY++
-Programs, structure, success, aren't gonna be found in this Ministry, BUT A CAUSE, we will have, and it will be bright and powerful.
-implant and execute the principles that allow real people to do for others what they want done to themselves.
We want the big picture (or big opportunities in life), but God points out the little things & we can't even do that correctly or aren't willing.
-He heals your diseases. we all got problems, not a physical healing, but a healing from any kind of condemning promise there is not.

When it is too hard to move forward in Christ, or maybe it is just too hard at the moment, or frustrating or whatever. At the very least, just stand in Christ. Just stand and accept the Truth of salvation overflow into your heart, slowly everything will do exactly what it needs to do.

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