Friday, February 20, 2009


What a Friday. As soon as I got out of the shower this morning, I knew I was TIRED. The week had wore me down, and I wanted to take some recuperation time. As soon as I got back from work (9AM'ish) I headed right to the couch, and took me a little nap. I had some good lunch, and got right on my Bible study.Yes, it was a cool study today. I got out my study Bible, and was like cross checking these names to those verses, and such. It was cool to see what I ended up with. Very cool actually. Numbers 12:1-3 were the verses today. A very small amount of reading compared to some days of past studies in the Life of Moses. I learned that Miriam (Moses & Aaron's sister) was the first prophetess mentioned in the Bible. I learned that no one is above gossip and that family criticism must be handled appropriately (with love and kindness). This is my buddy Tony. He has been my lil pal ever since I started doing childcare at Lincoln Elementary for the YMCA. Tony is a great lil dude. Little kids are such a blessing. Can they be somewhat stressful at times...Yes, but for the most part, and I try to pay the most attention to their many positive attributes. SO MUCH FUN TOO!!

The evening rolled around, and my cousin and I went to a Mad Ants basketball game. Fort Wayne's B-Ball team is not very good, but they had a unique half time show. It was the rubber man, and let me tell you, he was pretty crazy. He could fit through a tennis racket and a toilet bowl lid. Check out these pictures, then I am going to bed.

I guess I can explain them a little bit. Ya see the first picture is of them bringing him out in a clear box. Yea, it didn't even look like a human could survive in that thing, and out popped this dude. Then he got all freakishly flexible and it was just like, "wow that is almost creepy." But, whatever, it was entertainment.

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