Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ohh BABY!!!

This morning, after I got out of work I went straight to the ER and had my 12th infusion!!! I can't believe I have been on TYSABRI for a whole year!!! I am still going strong and it is amazing!!! Glory be to GOD!!

Our country is in ruin. What we are doing with money, and bail outs and all this crap is horrible. This is bad bad bad news. The way the U.S. deals or should I say, doesn't deal with money is going to destroy us. Bad bad stuff.Young Life was soo good. It was good to be back. I love the way Young Life does things for kids. What an amazing organization to be a part of. Christ is in it, big time. I will have pictures from the next CLUB. PEACE BE WITH YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

Its easy to sit back and judge what is being done in our country now, but you need only open your eyes and look across the whole world and see that every country is in dire straits right now. If we don't quit letting china in particular get their money grubbing hands into our banks and industries we will be in trouble..If ever there was a time for prayer for our president and our country, now is it. We are certainly in better hands now than we were with the infamous Bush..