Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today started out at Alliance Community Church again. I really like it there. The people are genuine, and I always end up staying after talking with a couple or individual for 30minutes or so. That is good stuff. It is a simple church service, but for me that is good stuff too. I had some time to blow before I went over and chilled with Tom (English prof. from last semester) so I went and picked up Nicky's X-Box that needs to be sent in to be fixed or have them send him a new one.Now it needs to be sent through UPS, and Nick's dad works for UPS....why he couldn't do this, I just do not know. But it is going to be done, and that is all that matters.The picture is crappy because it was really bright out, and Tom moved.

As soon as I left Tom's, I went directly to Dave Church. It was good because George really came out of his shell. He was asking questions, and that is just Jesus at work in his heart. SO AWESOME TO SEE!! Sorry this is such a brief BLOG, I am at school and updated quickly. TA TA!!

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