Thursday, February 05, 2009

I got some cool pictures, I did

Okay, it is super late, and I am extremely tired. I am going to upload some pictures that I took for my photography class that I really liked. I am going to explain them slightly, and then say one last thing and go to bed.K, I took this picture at work. I was laying with my back on the ground. I had two trusted boys from childcare come with me, and I told them to throw their balls up in the air as high as possible. They did, and I snapped the picture. I felt it came out pretty good. The assignment was action shots.With this picture, I had Nicks friend Jesse drive past me going about 40MPH, and had nick point at my camera. I wanted it to be a bit blurry, so I gave it a slower shutter speed. Here is the edited picture.Yea, I liked it.

Then last, but not least. I did several pictures of traffic moving quickly with a very long exposure time. Check out how this one turned out. I like it a lot. Amateur photography YES, but I like it a lot. It is really cool, because in yesterday's BLOG, you can see how I set up the shot, and then the outcome. NEAT NEAT NEAT!!!

I decided to not say anything else about the thing I was possibly going to say....not yet, maybe in the weeks to come....possibly. ;o)



Kim Ashley said...

Great pictures--I love the long exposure shot!!! I've always loved seeing people write out words using a sparkler and then someone being able to capture wasnt until recently I realized it was done with long exposure.

Mikey said...

I know it, I am pumped for my pictures. I have a feeling they will continue to get better and better as I progress in this class. We will see. Thanks for the comment though. :o)