Wednesday, February 18, 2009

good good good good

I was at the library this morning….of course, and I just saw a guy make the “sweetest” move on a girl. The guy was originally sitting off to the left by himself. The girl came in a while later and started working on her math or chemistry---it sounded advanced. Meanwhile, the guy repositioned himself without her really paying much notice. He was watching her...more than he was doing whatever work he may have meant to be working on. When the time was right, he made eye contact with her, packed his stuff and stood at her table asking if she understood the work alright. To which she smiled and replied, "not really." He offered his assistance and she quickly accepted. I assume they only knew each other from class, I also believe they are both freshmen, but possibly in an advanced math or chemistry class. He was very sweet and slow to make his move; it was cool to see it all play out in front of me. The world needs more guys like him. Of course I am making a lot of assumptions, but outwardly, the world needs more guys like him.

When I got off work, I went directly to Tom's house. Tom is one of the Young Life staff in Fort Wayne. We had planned on meeting at his house and then all going together to the Snider basketball game.

We met, and prayed, and talked about some of the methods to reach out to the Young Life kids. After we prayed, Tom made a neat comment. He said, "ya know, Paul puts so much importance on writing to different churches, and lifting people up in Christ, I just think that God is looking down on us smiling right now, just the fact that we are all gathered here talking, writing, and thinking out new and better ways to reach kids for Christ, I just think it's a beautiful thing." Well, I agree with Tom, and it felt good, kind of made my heart melt a little bit. Pretty powerful too. So, then it was off to the game.

I didn't get too crazy because I was with a new leader, his name is Ben and he is a great guy. It can kind of be an intimidating thing to go to with all these kids. So, I stayed relatively close to Ben for this time and just kind of chatted with him. Afterwords, we told kids to go to McDonald's and we chilled there for a bit. I had some McFun tonight. Although I did not eat any of the greasy grub, I did enjoy the presence of a great handful of some good gal's and guy's. In all seriousness, I can not think of a better way for me to spend my Wednesday evening. I seriously can't. I feel that God has blessed me so much with giving me the opportunity to hang out with these kids, or any kids for that matter. Such a privilege and I just love it.

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