Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm addicted

TO BLOGGING! Seriously, I am super tired, I only want to go to bed, but I am drawn to my computer. Not to check mail, or get on some social network. NO, I get on because I feel a drive, an inner need to write my life out on BLOG. It's a strange thing it is. But, here goes.

I came home right after work to "study." Now, there is a mistake in that sentence. I cannot study at home for some reason. There are far to many distractions, and in reality, there just aren't very many places physically in my house, or I should say my parent's house that are conducive to studying. I got home, and the couch beckoned my name. Before I knew it, Cash Cab was on the Discovery channel, and I just had to watch one...or two episodes. Once that was over, I grabbed my book bag, and went downstairs to sit at the table, spread out, and start in on the work load. DIDN'T HAPPEN, I forgot my dad stayed home from school because he is sick, and so the T.V. was on. So, I just went off to the library. I was there for what seemed forever, and didn't really get much done. Do you ever have those days where the motivation just is not there??

Went back to work, and did all that stuff. I didn't really feel like I had done anything of significance until I got to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).I took this picture of a depiction of the Tabernacle community. We are studying that while studying the Life of Moses, so I thought it was only fitting to snap a picture. I wish I wish I wish I had my notes from the lecture in front of me. Not that I don't remember what we talked about, but because I am able to recall much better when I have my notes in front of me. It was based around complaining, and how God views complaining. WOW, I took a lot from this weeks lesson. Mainly, GOD HATES COMPLAINING.


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