Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stereotypical... I try not to be

I really like this Elements of Business law class I am in. I really do, the professor is a really interesting guy, and I guess I think the information is generally interesting. That, and I really know nothing of law, so it is all fairly new information. Or, at least extremely expanded information on a topic I knew close to nothing about. There is a guy though, a guy in my class. He was fairly quiet at first. But, I think now that he has gotten comfortable with the people and environment he blurts out all the time. He has a very, ummm how do I explain this, "elementary" sense of humor. He down plays almost every comment or topic he can, and for the first hour, I could just shurg it off. But the class is nearly 3 hours long, and it just kept going and going. I felt myself getting more and more anxious about this guy. BUT, I kept my mouth shut, although I felt the general consensus of the room probably had a very similar disposition to mine, inclusing the prof. When the class was over, I was walking into the parking garage. The "chatty" gentlemen was behind me, and so I held the door open for him as he approached me. I held the door for maybe 3 seconds. He approached the door, and immideatly pressed the handicapped door opener button. Did not make eye contact with me, and walked right on past. I was almost offended, not outwardly, but inwardly I scrunched my eyes, and felt as though he had personally and rudely attacked me. I walked to my car as if someone has just wronged me. Minutes later, I realized that I had now become "in the wrong." A follower of Christ does not open a door for someone in order to get a thankyou or a pat on the back. A follower of Christ opens a door for someone, even an annoying someone to let them know you care about them, and want to spread this LOVE thing around. In Christ, there need not be recopricity. It's nice when it comes, but I have to watch it. That guy will be on my list now. To be ever careful how I look at him, think about him, and to pray for him. And that's that.

After class I wanted to go get my "TAN" on. So I did just that. And now I feel like I have been sizzling like a weenie on a hibachi. For real! This picture may not show it very clearly, but I am red like a lobster. And of course, because of the protective eye things, I have some real cute WHITE spots around my eyes. All is well though. Not a complaint, just a state of being. Next time I will remember not to tan so long, OR, tan more often. Either alternatitives would have averted this uncomfortable state I am currently in.


Anonymous said...

hi Mikey,

I found your site coming from a girl on YouTube. You are supposed to doing well on Tysabri, but your story is so hidden, if you dont mind me saying so. Actually I have no idea looking at your blog what it did for you, or where you are in your MS, but I know you went to China at one point, so that means everything else failed (same as for me, and I wantt Tysabri, but my nuero is "thinking about it"). So will you be making a YouTube video ? My suggestion is to make one or two, the more people who see it will ask for it, and put pressure on neuros like mine.


Mikey said...

Martha, I could make a You Tube video. I think I should probably just go out and buy a web-cam so that I can do that. I don't have one now, so I can't really just create and upload videos. I will try that in the near future. I do have M/S, and just this month I had my 12th infusion of Tysabri. It's working great. I went to China because none of the other drugs worked. I will try making a video for YouTube. My BLOG, is more just my life story. My m/s is just a little portion of my life story, so like to keep the focus on what is important.....which is God. :o) Thanks for the idea, and I think i'll follow through.