Monday, February 02, 2009


Today I had a goal. My goal was simple in nature. Get the new HD Television up and running at full capacity. So, I do not have school on Mon, Wed, or Fri so I had plenty of time to get this thing up and running at full speed. She's good to go now. Technology is an amazing thing, truly tis.

BSF was really good today also. I learned learned where the term Scape Goat came from. It came from Moses's time. It was part of the atonement process which would take place once a year. In Leveticus 16:8 & 10 it is used. Also, I know what atonement means, butr I got a cool definition from the lecture tonight. Atonement: To remove by paying a price. I am studying the Old Testament of the Bible, but it just SCREAMS Jesus Christ all over the place. And it is not because I want it to scream it, it is because it has Him written all over it. It is very cool how the Holy Spirit can allow something like that do jump out. Also, it is very cool how the Holy Spirit calms the desires of the flesh. I love to see personal growth in the Lord. I am really seeing it.

I left BSF with many awesome things to work on and try to accomplish, BUT, this is a very super important idea I left with. The one who needs to be satisfied is God, not me. That is so true, and I need to make that very clear in my life.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a converter box......with my 40 dollar coupon it only cost me 7 dollars
Are you impressed??

Yeh,Yeh I get that alot
but the box has some lights on it!!
Dave Pelz