Thursday, February 12, 2009

got some pictures.

Remember when I took that picture of the train car and the flag pole on Tuesday? Well, check um out. Well, here is how the train car turned out. Pretty cool, but I wanted the background to be blurry, and the train car to be super clear. Didn't get quite what I wanted, and the wheels on the train car are too bright. And here of course is the flag pole. I really don't ike it. I guess I don't know what I really wanted. But, I don't like what I got. Up next we have my favorite picture from the reel. It was the overpass, blurry, sweet picture. Ohhh yes, daddy like!! This is the picture I really like. Some things I did not get to accomplish today was....dinner, my Bible study, meeting my wife, deciding what my favorite place to be is, understand why I am so fascinated with people and their eyes, and finding the answer to why am I so blessed? I am actually in my evening class right now. I am soooo bord. It is crazy, we come to class, mess around with our pictures on the computer...and watch him do the same. FOR ALMOST 3 HOURS!!! I have got to get out of here and get some food, I am very hungry. Here is one more before and after picture. Dang, I almost forgot the "thinking stairs." There are some stairs at school in the Walb Student Union that cause me to think deeply every time I walk on them. It is amazing to me to watch people. I am so fascinated by people and how they do things. I study their interaction with objects, other people, and try to understand their motivation. Many people on campus don't like to make eye contact. I love making eye contact and smiling. But, it is okay if someone else does not.
Anyways, these are the thinking stairs. They go up a little bit further. I love them, they are wide and interesting. Goodbye


Anonymous said...

cool pics mikey especially the train, really cool.. as for what you didnt get accomplished today, WELL...when you meet your future wife you will know, and don't rush it, it will happen in its right time.Your favorite place to be will change with your moods and who you are with..why you are so blessed, WHY NOT? aren't we all blessed in differant ways and for no real reason, thats why its so special. your blog makes me a better person and makes me think and appreciate all i have, and my family..Thank You Mikey, hope that gives you an answer to one of your questions. if you could see my eyes they would say, "don't know if i buy all i read, but if he's sincere then he's something special"..have a great friday the 13th, hope it brings you good luck and happiness

Mikey said...

dang, if someone asked me "Hey mikey, what would be the perfect comment for you to read on your BLOG?" I think it would look just like what you wrote. Thank you friend. Seriously, thank you very much.