Saturday, February 14, 2009


Let's start it off right. The movie I shared on my BLOG yesterday, well it just got a whole lot better. Watch this video to see how. Yea, that is great.

Okay, so it is valentines day today. I am proud to admit that I do in fact have a Valentine.


The only thing is....she is a bit of a long distance valentine. She lives in Arizona, and I met her last summer when I volunteered at Lost Canyon (the camp I got an internship @ this summer) last summer in Arizona. I did get her a gift too. It was a singing picture message. High tech right? Anyways, I have not heard back from her on if she liked it or not, but I am sure she did.

What did my V-Day consist of you might be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. CLEANING! I cleaned my bathroom, and managed to take an incredibly long long time.
This is a picture of my bathroom before I started cleaning. Call it a "BEFORE" picture if you will. Yes yes, now hear this, the bathroom is much cleaner in this "after" picture so to speak. Gotta love a good before & after picture though don't ya? So, most people could probably accomplish a clean bathroom in ohh maybe an hour tops. It took me nearly three and a half, no kidding. Things like breaking the sweeper belt, cleaning toilet tank's, cleaning all wood work, shower detailing, etc. seem to really take up a lot of time. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, "did you say toilet tank cleaning?" YES I DID!! Check out the before and after shot's of this bad boy. Yes, here she is. Years and years of water flowing in and out, in and out, dropping slight amounts of sediment here and there can really add up in a toilet tank. Well, when I was reading the directions on the back of the toilet bowl cleaner, I noticed it gave directions for cleaning the toilet bowl tank as well. I thought to myself, "well why not?" SO I DID IT!! AND CHECK OUT THE END RESULTS!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, my very own, spotless TOILET BOWL TANK! Not only will I have the peace of mind that the inside of something I never see is clean, but I will be able to sleep better at night knowing that the world has been rid of a little less toilet bowl tank sedimentation. WHAT A LOAD OFF MY BACK! I had all the intention in the world to go onto campus early and study study study. But, my laziness and bathroom kept me from leaving my house until about 5:30'ish PM. Once I did leave though, I managed to get a lot done. This is where the majority of my study time took place. I started out with Mass Communications, and ended with Elements of Business Law. My chosen location was right atop a stairwell. The highlight of my evening was when I heard a voice scream, "YAAAHOOOOOO!!!" very loudly. Then, shortly after the happy scream of exaltation, a young man appeared through the doors. I smiled, and asked him, "so what are ya so happy about?" He politely explained how he was done with wrestling for the season, or possibly forever. He said he lost his last match, but was so happy to be finished. We had a little small talk afterwords, but it was just so nice to be able to hold a perfectly nice conversation with a complete stranger. I like that stuff a lot.



Anonymous said...

She is a sweeeeeeeet little thing Mikey

Careful with your heart!!

Anonymous said...

Check out the lady friend, she is smokin!