Friday, February 13, 2009

check it out

I have not shared a video on my BLOG for a while. I think this one is worth sharing. Check it out. That little kid is so funny, I feel like I would really get along well with his dad. I think he was right on with his calm reassurance. This video is a keeper. Ha ha ha ha ha. That is literally what I said when I watched this video. Great stuff. So, this picture is kind of my artistic expression for the day. The people, their positions, and just the overall sense you get from the picture explains a little bit how I feel. Don't read too much into that. BUT at the same time, take the comment for what it is. I love God with all my heart, soul, and mind. But a mind is a mind. Don't be scared, just send me massive quantities of CLAY so I can make this scenario come true with my friends camera...that would be tiiiiight. I just have one last thing I wanted to share with you all. Who ever you all are. Because I know you are reading. I appreciate it so much. Ohhh, and for best results for the picture above, just drag it and drop it into something like paint, or if you have photo shop, EVEN BETTER!!


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