Saturday, February 07, 2009

Louisville trip

WOW, what a blast. From the drive up, to the first song we sang.Here of course is Sam, fellow Young Life leader. I believe I will be spooning with him later on in the evening when I go to sleep. Of course, not on purpose....This is a picture I captured of one side of the room of people. It is awesome because there is so much energy, and God is so ALIVE In these people that are close to my age and just like minded. It is such a powerful thing to be a part of. Our group, like our area people ended up at Applebees, and we ate desserts, and it was really fun and awesome. God has showed up in a big way. I felt lead to give a toast. So I took a glass and got everyone's attention, and explained that ever sense I got involved with Young Life, I have been able to be accountable to the things I want in life, and have just grown so much by being able to be around people that are the same as me, or at the start, were the same as what I wanted to be. Very cool, very good for me to say. Response was excellent from one girl. I explained how I had never heard of Young Life, and then I got super involved, she said she needed to hear that. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, I constantly learn to listen to God when he tuggs. AMEN.

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