Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Typical move

Okay, so the last post, the post from Monday, I totally said how addicted to BLOGGING I was. Then, on Tuesday when I was coming home from my evening LAW class (which by the way, I got an 85% on the first test!!), I called someone, and started talking and talking, and talking. The talking continued, and just kept right on going. Soon I was laying in bed, completely ready to go to sleep and although it popped into my mind that I should post for the day real quick, I seemed to forget at the last moment. My head hit the pillow, and BAM!!! I was out like a light bulb smashed into oblivion. Anyways, I just thought that was funny. I will share one story from yesterday. While I was sitting in my evening LAW class, I noticed this girl sitting in front of me. She had these really sweet looking fingernails all painted up nice and pretty like, so during one of our breaks, I approached her and asked if I could take a picture of her. I explained that this week's assignment in my Photography (J210) class was portraits. I told her that I really liked her look, and wondered if I could take some portrait pictures of her. She agreed quickly, so when class got over, I snapped some pictures of..Annie. We will see how they turn out tomorrow.

Wednesday's are the best days. You know why??? BECAUSE OF YOUNG LIFE!!!! I friggin love going to hang out with these kids in this setting. There is an amazing amount of energy, and the kids just really pick up on it. The atmosphere is VIBRANT, and it is perfectly okay for me to....well, be me (a little insane). I love the songs, the games, and especially the talk. I love to watch the faces on some of the kids. When a kid "get's" a talk, there is nothing better to see. For the connections to just sort of click inside. Also, some of the guys I have been spending time with are really looking at camp this summer as a very real possibility. It is an awesome thing to see God in work.

Like I said earlier, this week's photography assignment is Portraits. And at Young Life, after all the kids left. I asked Ashley, wife of Josh V(Main YL area director) if I could take a picture of her pregnant belly & face. I really hope it turned out good. It has the potential of being a really neat shot. We will see tomorrow though.

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