Thursday, July 03, 2008

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OKAY, so today I had my first STAT 125 quiz. I think I did really well, maybe even a little over prepared, but nothing wrong with that. I got home and after I ate I really wanted to do something. SOMETHING! It didn't have to be exciting or magnificent, just something. So, I thought for a little bit and what came to mind? Of course, MOVIES, the biggest and easiest past time it seems lately for me. That's okay though, I was racking my brain for good movies I could go rent. I'm thinking, "what the heck is good, I have seen so many, this shouldn't even be hard." Well, I remembered a movie that I recommended to Jocelyn (friend from Michigan) and it stuck in my head. Donnie Darko was the movie that came first to mind. It is such an amazingly created film. It is truly freaky though and really can make you think. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND it to anyone who calls themselves a "movie buff." It has turned into a cult classic, and it's just crazy. If you want a little insight into how crazy the movie really is, well I found this web-site Now, to really be able to enjoy what this deep and well made web-site has to offer, it is best to watch the actual movie and find things out on your own. BUT, if you are a cheater, you can use THIS CHEAT PAGE, and still have the same results, although not as fulfilling. SO, I really got off on a tanget there, but I was trying to give a little tiny background before I share this CREEPY EXPERIENCE!

I called up my friend Tony, and Chris just happened to be over there (very typical night for them) and I call him up and say, "have you ever seen Donnie Darko Tony?" He told me no, and said he would like to watch it. I go over there and me, Chris & Tony watch this film. I have seen Donnie Darko many, many times and it never gets old. I guess it is just one of those films. Anyways, the movie gets over, and we are talking about it a bit. I go to leave, and Tony says, "hey, are you gonna take the DVD with you?" I always forget stuff like that, so I go to pick it up off the coffee table, and find a picture....... BLEW MY MIND! Before I even let Chris look at it, I asked tony when he drew it. He told me that he was just doodling a couple of days ago, and left it out on the table. Look what I created with the picture he drew, and the DVD cover.

Don't forget that Tony has never seen this movie before, and just drew this picture one day as a sketch. :-O Donnie Darko is about time travel, and all the crazy things interrelated with it. The sketch looks disturbingly similar to the dillusion that Donnie (main character) has through out the film of a creepy bunny suite face. Even the teeth on the sketch are just like the ones on the bunny mask! It was just a good ending to a crazy movie.....but was that all it was?????? ;-)

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