Friday, July 25, 2008

children, children

I don't know what spured me on to go ahead and post this picture, but I feel confident that will be okay. I think the fact that I got them to stay still enough to take this picture is basis for me to get a raise right there. lol. ha, joke get it?

No, but seriously little kids are crazy and in their own little world. As long as you are cool with saying the same thing 17 times to the same person within a 4 minute time span, then all is well. Ohh, also I have found from spending time in the pool with them, you must be completely entertained and even impressed by little children asking you if you want to watch something, it'll go something like this. Little child, "Mikey, you wanna see what I can do?" Me, "ohh yes please show me." Then they will either put their head under water for a brief moment, or they will just smash their face so it goes under the water for a small amount of time. Then you have to open your eyes wide and tell them how impressed you are. Also, prepare yourself for the next little person to do probably the same thing.

It doesn't drive me crazy because I keep a good attitude and know that killing small children is a sin.....that is a joke

After work, all 9.5 hours of it, I went to the Friday evening Bible study I went to 2 weeks ago, and it was really really good AGAIN! I loved it, and was empowered by it.

After that I went over to my friend Tyler Morningstar's house where he had a bon fire and some friends over. I saw Jared MurryThis is a picture of Jared, and I met him last year. He is a friend of Tyler's, and I would say of mine, I just havn't seen him in a while. Here is a link to prove I am not making all this up. LAST YEAR @ Steak & Shake So there is some bad news, a while ago doctors found some turmors in Jared's intestine. They removed them, and thought it was done and over with. Well, recently he had his hernia checked and on the cat scan they found some more bad stuff. Well, more turmors in his intestine and 1 of them is cancerous. He is deciding how it is going to be dealt with, and is in need of prayer. Please pray for Jared, he is a great servant of Christ, and just a good person. Please pray for him.

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Megan said...

oh wow, that is scary. I will keep in my prayers and hope everything gets better for him. :)