Sunday, July 27, 2008

discouraged he was

Well, I had every intention to wake up early, and study study study!!! I even planed ahead to not go to church, so I could make this my top priority. But, I failed at that. I woke up at like 9:30, which was about an hour and a half later than what I wanted, then it took me forever to wake up, ya know for me to actually get going. So I started study time at about 12:30, which is about what time it would have happened if I would have just gone to church. Ohh well, live and learn. Study time was, well how can I explain it properly. It was, "Argghhhhhhh." That is about as best as I can explain it. Probability just doesn't seem real logical to me, and yuck.
So I stopped study time at 4:30 to go to Dave Church. If you are an avid reader of my BLOG, you will know that I have been going to this for quite some time. And well tonight I got some bad news. Dave has been really down for the past 3 weeks or so. He just doesn't know where he is suppose to go with career, with lots of things. It has been just been a constant nagging, and if you knew the story of Dave, you would understand better where he is coming from. And I have to admit, he is in a tough place. Well, he mentioned that maybe we should stop meeting, for several reasons that kind of made sense, but kind of were possibly his discouraged mind set. So, I don't know where this will go, and what is to happen. But, I just hate seeing him like this.

Then I went to Collateral. It was really good, and I actually met the sister of one of the guys I have in Young Life. She was really cool, and we kind of hit it off. Nothing more than common interests, but we discussed how "ironic" it was. And we even checked the definition of Ironic to make sure we were using it correctly. I am gonna wake my butt up nice and early tomorrow, WORK OUT LIKE CRAZY, and then come home to study study study.
I left my Bible and journal in the car so I don't have the verses right off hand that really talked to me tonight...........ohh shoot, I will just go get them. Just a second.
Okay, that didn't take too long. We were in Hebrews 2 and Hebrews 5:11 They are pretty much warnings to stay in the word. This is what I wrote in my journal after we went over 5:11, I kind of like it. No longer on milk, I must continually set my eyes on spiritual challenges that are hard to attain. I am called to so much more than "not going to hell." A righteous life is filled glory given to the Lord. I must, MUST be in the word.

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Megan said...

you sound like when I wake up in the morning, it takes me forever to actually get up and get going. Like I said earlier, that is sad to hear about your pastor. Hopefully, you can get somethings done tomorrow. :)