Wednesday, July 02, 2008

cool pool

I think I would really love to swim in that pool. I think it would be quite fantastic. FANTASTIC!

So I got a chance to lead a Bible study on my own today with some of the cabin guys from camp. I almost called it off because several people cancelled and I didn’t even know and I almost listened to the voice that told me to just do it next week. BUT, I ended up Punching that voice in the face.

It was just me and two other guys, but it was so perfect and I had fun with them. I love the kids I get to spend time with, because it is more than "kids I spend time with." They become my friends, and I am getting stronger in that fact/idea. So cool how God twists things up on me. Love that guy! Also, it's funny that I put a picture of a pool to start this BLOG out, because after the bible study (which was on Philemon & forgiveness) we hopped in one of the guys Grandparents pool. We swam and had fun and it was very good. Then I went to STAT class and it was also good, I feel like I am prepared for the Quiz tomorrow. :-) WE'LL SEE.


Also, I had a talk with someone I love and respect very much. This person is someone who has been so good to me even when I was not good to this person. This person always had my back, even when it was turned away from this person. This person was really hurting and needed to talk tonight, so we talked. I feel stronger in the idea of unconditional LOVE. I spoke to this person as though someone else was speaking through me. This is what I came up with, maybe with a little help from the ideas presented in those letters and writings in the one book, ummm, ohh yea, the Bible.

Unconditional love is given to us by God. It comes along with the gift of Grace (undeserved love and favor). They are pretty much one in the same. How are we suppose to return that to humans on this sinful and hurting earth? Well, I believe that we have to show gentiles what it means to have a personal and meaningful relationship with Christ without ever judging or looking down on them, not ever once for a second. We won’t be able to do that, but I think that as long as we constantly seek His face and desire a loving heart, he will give it. So to put plan into practice, here is a question.

How do you love someone who has hurt more times than you can count? How do you love that person at the same level, when you aren’t loved in return?

Christ commands us to love men, just as he loves us. To be quick to forgive, to always look upon people with compassionate eyes and to speak to them with tender tongues. If we don’t like a specific attribute about them, or we think that there is something sinful in their life that needs to be changed…..too bad! If they aren’t in a personal relationship with Christ, they aren’t held to the same standards as those of us who are, and we can’t force it. We have no right to judge. Just because someone changes their actions, doesn’t mean their heart is changed. We can’t make them feel excluded either, you have to find that balance, and pray that you are kept in check. Their feelings must be handled with care, and we (Christ followers) must never allow them to be turned away from His love because of our actions. WOW, that is a lot to take in! That isn’t something simple to do. Here is another question.

How can we (Christ followers) honestly start to change the way we view and feel about sinful attributes of the gentiles that we care so much about and love?

Well, I don’t think that WE can do it. Christ can remove that hardness in our hearts though. IF we want him, and desire that he does so. I really like being enlightened in Christ. It makes me feel special. SMILES

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Jayati said...

nice pool. is that ur place?