Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am going to sleep like a baby 2night!

I am so tired, I can hardly keep my head up. I am not dosing off yet, but I sure am tired. Like my body is just wore out. I was at the YMCA by 8:00AM, then came home and studied and did homework right up to the time when I needed to leave for work. I went to the down town YMCA and swam with little kids for 3 hours. Then, I went to class. I was yawning the whole time. I am ready for the quiz on Monday and that is that. By the way, Lions are crazy!

Also, I keep seeing this commercial on the ole tele-tube about the new Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen. OHH MY YUM!!I always fall short of the glory, even when all I want to do is right, I can seem to find a way to not do right. It may not necessarily be a "big deal" but falling short is falling short. I must be strong, and make time to be in the word every day. I MUST.

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