Sunday, July 13, 2008

post post post, POST IT UP

I slept in today, I didn't go to church because I was darn tired. I mowed the lawn which is massive with a push mower, and then went to Dave Church at 5:00, it was good because my friend Mitchell came and I haven't seen him forever.

After it was over, I was going to go to Collateral, but I didn't because....well, because I just had every push in me not to go, I mean it was deep, right down to my bones telling me or persuading me not to go. lol, so I went over to my friend Andy's house. I hadn't been over there and caught up with him in so long, it was good for me to do so.Andy is the one with the long hair sitting close, and his brother BJ is in the back ground. I got to take B's mini bike out for a ride, that thing was quick and got me up to around 50 in no time. IT WAS SWEET, but I almost laid it down/threw myself off when I was downshifting at high speed. "NOTE TO SELF" be careful when downshifting at high speed on a mini-bike. :-)

Then we went in and ordered 10,000 B.C. off of Verizon Fios ON DEMAND and it was a pretty crappy movie, pretty crappy in deed.

yup yup

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