Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a good thing i've got God.

There came a point today where I could have been stressed out like a small dog sitting under a fat woman's chair. Here goes. Well, I woke up this morning early, so I could go and sub at one of the YMCA day camps. Well, I was hoping to be able to get just a little tincy bit of study time in this morning before I took the EXAM, but I just couldn't get my body to wake up at 6:00 to make that happen....go figure. So, I go to work and am doing my thing there. Turns out there was something crazy like 63 kids at the day camp today. It was crazy too, because we had insane numbers of unruly kids to go with those difficult to manage amounts of kids. But, it wasn't too bad, it really wasn't. I don't mind, in fact I really enjoy being with those kids. Even when they aren't behaving like they ought to. It teaches me so much patience.

I really wanted to be able to get, just a little bit of study time in today before the exam. It was really quite difficult though, and things seemed as though it would be impossible. There was a kid who was going NUTS, and I had to fill out a behavior report for him. The YMCA is very thorough about that sort of thing. This is good to protect the children, and inform the parents, and just be above reproach, but bad for a guy who wants to leave just a little bit early so he can get some last minute study time in.
This is what the majority of his face looked like. There were a lot of blatent, "NO! Get away from me, I don't care, and just extreme disobediance. He was threghtening other kids, and just being really nasty. Single mom, no father around, doesn't get punished......and it shows. I would like to say, "well, I am just going to love him." BUT, what form should that take? It was a learning experience. Ohhh, right after the angry little boy, MY PHONE FREAKS OUT!!! It is acting so crazy, I go to class, and tried being connected with my study partner buddy from class, but couldn't reach him cuz phone was freezing, not displaying anything, displaying strange stuff, making calls at random, everything connected to the memory card is no longer functionable, etc.

I got a 72% on my quiz from yesterday.......and that made me really sad. I am honestly trying my hardest to make this class work to the best of my ability. Math...especially STATS is just not my strong suite. Having everything compressed into 6 weeks doesn't help my plight either.

I tried going to the Verizon store to get a new phone, of course I was 16 minutes too late. DO'OH, I thought they closed at 9:00 for some reason. Ohh well, tomorrow I will take care of it.

Well, what kinds of things do I do when I notice the stress levels getting high? Well this is what I did.

1.) I didn't think about having to fix my car. :-)
2.) I went to the tanning bed and got super relaxed.
3.) I took deep breaths and concentrated my breathing.
4.) I just talked with God, ya know an open line of communication. I will say stuff like; to God, "today just really sucked, I wasn't over whelmed, but it just sucked. Thank you for holding me close Father, and not letting me lose my temper when I could have." Things like that. I saw a beautiful evening sky with a setting sun, and just enjoyed the crap out of it. If my phone was working correctly, I promise I would have snapped a picture of it.
5.) I play this thing ~CLICK ME~ my brother sent me. I think that is where it came from.
6.) I watch videos like this one. "I knew about this video & actually have had it on my phone, just the silent video version of the Lion going to the two guys. It is soo cool to see a whole video production. WHAT AN AMAZING STORY and lesson for life.
7.) I read random verses from PSALM like 33:5 The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love. YES, that verse is yummy and I need to remember that always. Look for the love in the world, and all sorrows turn to praise. :-)

My mother is a servant of Christ through and through. She constantly teaches me by showing how important it is to put others before yourself. She would drop everything to help another person. I had no time to eat, was stressing about taking exam on an empty stomach, and at super short notice. She made me up somin somin, and drove it over to my University. WOW! Seriously, that woman is amazing.

And, for some reason. The name Wendy just popped into my head. "Wendy" is such a pretty name I think. Can't think if I heard it from one of the kids at the YMCA or what, but it is just such a pretty name.


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