Saturday, July 12, 2008

to the lake

I worked out this morning, and ya know what? It felt good! I burned some calories and felt the burn, and then I got in the hot tub/whirl-pool and relaxed. When I got home I read a little bit from this book I am reading by Philip Yancey called The Jesus I Never Knew, It is good and points out important stuff. After all that my mom said I should come to the Lake with her and my dad. It is their friends lake cottage, and I love their friends so I said, sure why not. This is what came of that.Well, everyone knows that a good lake cottage has nice toys to play with. And play I did!Dennis has a brand new Sea-Doo, the thing only has 12 hours of use on it, and it is FAST! I love those things!!! It is great fun to go out on one of those things, I always feel like I really belong on the water......"sigh" If you knew my story, you'd know why I have such a connection to the water. But, that is not where God has me...right now, so I am cool with that. Well, after the Sea-Doo and some really good lunch (Chili) we went out on a really nice boat ride.Ahhhh, the open water, the wind in your face, the splash of the water on the side of the boat, it is all so relaxing and calming. I LOVE IT!!! Someday I hope to have a boat, and maybe even a lake cottage, you just never know!

Well, once the boat ride was over, we (guests & lake cottage owners) did not want the party to stop. So, we did the one thing that made the most sense. WE PLAYED APPLES TO APPLES!!That picture is a little fuzzy, but you get the general idea. It was a good day today.

G'Night...I sure hope I can sleep

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