Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mer can join the>

Today I worked on some homework, tomorrow I will wake up early and work on some more. I LOVE ME SOME STATISTICS! :-/ Tomorrow I will be leading the group of guys that I was in a cabin with when I went with the Fort Wayne, Young Life kids to Timber Wolf Lake in Michigan. I am excited because the other leader is out of town for a month. He is actually acting as a head leader at TWL. I know just exactly what I am going to talk about too. I am pretty excited to do it. It is really pushing me into a leadership role.

Class went good today for the most part. THEN....

Well, let me start off by explaining a phone that my dad got earlier today. Around 3PM I was working on some STAT homework, and my dad was playing his computer game that he plays more than anyone I know. It never gets old to him......I am getting a little off, sorry about that. So the telephone rings, my dad goes to pick it up and I listen to the conversation. I hear him say, "you're kidding me, wow it has been so long, I am so glad you called" in a very excited tone. I continue to listen and I am getting very curious. Then I hear him talk about my sister Merideth, and I start to connect some of the dots. Phone conversation ends, and I am staring right at him. He had a big smile on his face when he looked at me. I said, "who the heck was it?" He told me that it was Merideth's half sister Jill calling from MA trying to get a hold of her. WOW!! This is HUGE! Merideth and I were both adopted at birth. In 2004 I had the chance to meet my biological family and answerer a lot of the questions I had been building up all the years of wondering. It is pretty typical of many adopted children. Merideth, however, could not do this. Her father died before she was even born, and her mother committed suicide when she was probably just a toddler. But today, out of no where, her half sister called to try to get in contact with her. SO SWEET!!

After my class got over @ 7:15PM, I went over to Mer's apartment and delivered some gifts I got when I was in Arizona, and then I got to deliver the good news. Boy her face lit up, and I could almost see some tension come off of her. I KNOW THAT FEELING!!! It is wonderful, and for her to just be able to feel strong in the fact that someone was searching her out, that makes a person feel like a million bucks. I really love Merideth so much, I hope this is nothing but the best for her, and that she can grow and learn everything she wants to learn.

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