Monday, June 30, 2008

back @ pathway

I worked at Pathway today. It was really cool because I can work there till I start at YMCA. That is awesome, Thanks God. ;-)I threw a lot of fertilizer today though. I did it really quickly, and I think I did a really good job. SO, of course I took a picture of me and the spreader....

I also started my summer class today. Statistics is the name of the game. I hate math by the way. I don't hate many things either, but I honestly do hate math. It is so difficult for me. STUPID M/S!

I have been talking with this girl, her name is Jocelyn. She was a summer staffer at Timber Wolf Lake when I went up there in Michigan with the local Young Life kids. She is really cool, I like talking with her a lot. Lives in Michigan though....... (sigh) figures. ;-)



The Hands said...

Hey, Michiganders aren't so bad. Your cousin married me!

Mikey said...