Monday, June 23, 2008

great food

My mom made this phenomenal Tilapia today, it tasted so good, I can't even explain. She is an amazing cook though, I am glad she is part of the crew (family). I use sarcasm of course, cooking isn't the only reason I am grateful for my mother, I mean she does my laundry too........

I am wondering if I could be content with creating a BLOG post with just a picture and some words about a dinner my beautiful mother made for me. Hummmm..... Naw

I have 3 really good verses I want to make comments about.

First is Ephesians 1:17-20 WOW, you can take so much from this one. This is what I pulled out of Paul's beautiful letter to the church in Ephesus. If you ask God for "life smarts" (wisdom) and "Bible revealing" (revelation) he will in fact give it to you. Probably in ways you wouldn't even expect it.

next up we have Colossians 1:9-10 In this part of Paul's letter to the Colossians I believe he is speaking about God's will. I put down a note that says, we must seek His will so that we can live a worthy life. That is what I took from it.

Last one I have is 1 Peter 2:2-3 but it is best to start in verse 1 to get the full impact. You first read what you ought to rid yourself of, then you must read carefully. Don't forget to put in the comma, to "crave spiritual milk" just like a baby craves it's mothers milk. This is what I took from this. Train yourself in what is right, and you will eventually crave it. It is what will grow you.

Why do I keep failing, when I know wrong is wrong??? When will it click, this is the struggle thought I find myself pondering in the moment of these verses. It is a good struggle, because I refuse to just give in. For that, I give a big :-) SMILE!

Today I
1.) got off Probation
2.) paid for 6 months of car insurance for only $501.00
3.) paid for stupid stop sign ticket
4.) got ready for summer class that will start on MONDAY
5.) ate really good food
6.) dug into Isaiah 53 '
7.) made plans with a Young Life kid to go fishing tomorrow.



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