Friday, June 27, 2008

minimal Christian friends my age

I met up in Marion today to see my friend Matt Kern. It is a story of forgiveness, and it's really cool how that all worked out.We met up at a Mexican restaurant and talked for quite some time. I invited him to come up for the 4th of July.My brother in law to be forgot his hat and shades at my house, I wore them when I went to get TB tested for at the clinic for the YMCA job. ~PIMPIN!~Eventually I went to my friend Tony & Josh's house, and hung out for a while. He let me drive his 300 GT VR4, this thing is a twin turbo, and fast as heck. I had that thing going 85 like it was nothing.

I went home early because there was drinking & ick, and I just couldn't be around it. I wanna go back to Arizona where everyone thought and acted like me. I HATE THE REAL WORLD!! I don't really hate it, but wish I had a core group of Christians that I really liked and hung out with. I shall like prayer for that.



Anonymous said...

congrats that you left when the drinking began.. most people would just stick it out and try to overcome temptation, but removing yourself out the situation is always best, unless GOD has differnet plans ofcourse! and don't worry, GOD will give you a great group of buddies that are Christlike.. sometimes we are put in the midst of those who aren't Christlike, so that we can reach them, plant seeds, and let Christ shine his light to them. Even the greatest disciples and followers mentioned in the bible were placed in situations with people where they were able to let GOD shine in the darkest of times. How many times was Paul in Jail with nonbelievers? How about when Elijah on Mount Carmel and he faced all those who didn't believe in GOD. the list goes on and on!! You never know when an oppurtinity will arise. Hope this encourages you a bit.

Glad to have you back in IN! take care Mikey and God bless, amy

Mikey said...


you always know what to say. Seriously. I was just about to get on and BLOG about my complaints of situations, and you just really touched my heart. Thank you for speaking from YOUR heart. :-)

Anonymous said...

mikey you can leave when you don't want to be around drinking etc, but, you can be a christian and have a beer with friends occasionally too..being a christian doesn't mean you can't have a drink with friends. i don't quite understand that mind set..however it is your choice, but there is not a right or wrong to this..God bless

Mikey said...

I agree with you 100% anonymous, but for me personally it is a bad choice. I struggled with drugs and drinking all through High School, it is hard for me to be around that stuff, and not be extremely tempted. Also, I have had it happen on several occasions that I plan on only having a couple of beers, but end up drinking more than that. SO, for me it is better if I am not around it as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with having a beer with friends, there is, however, if you have trouble controlling yourself.

rileydster said...


It is a good choice at your age to just leave. Way to go! You must love the world as Christ loved us even though we are sinners. You must hate the sin. Keep that in perspective. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Cousin Dan