Thursday, June 26, 2008

my day

Okay, so I did it, I went and am now officially a member of the Y. I walked around in there and I think I am actually going to take advantage of it. Maybe I will go in tomorrow morning and do a little work out session. I think that would be nice. I am going to go and meet an old friend somewhere in between Fort Wayne & Indianapolis for lunch and to catch up on old times. I hope he says yes to Marion, because that is actually a little bit closer to Fort Whizzie.

I also got to see some of my cute little cousins.Brock is on the left & Emily is on the right. They are awesome! They also just got back from Disney World, where they were treated like Kings and Princesses. They could tell ya all about it. ;-) They all flew into Fort Wayne, and so we had the pleasure of picking them up.Also, I feel I have to share this. Ya see, we have little critters in our attics space. They are getting in near one of the damaged dormers on the house. This is going to be repaired soon when the roof get's redone, but for now, apparently my dad is trying to catch all the squirrels in our back yard in order to stop them from coming in. Well, if you look really carefully, you can see a little chip munk in that metal box, and a neighborhood cat found it and was just posted up next to it. LOL. My sister Brandy and her finance John came over to have me help them with some stuff, and Brandy and my mom thought it was inhumane to keep the animal in there like that. So I released it. Whatevea!

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