Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fishing, pool, hawk

I was watching the news today and I saw a Hawk on the screen. It appears that the local station Wayne, News Channel 15 has several live weather cams. Well, there is a hawk that keeps returning to the camera that is posted up above St. Joseph's Hospital, well he sure is looking good. I know they have the video posted on their site, and probably will for the next several days. CHECK THIS OUT!! I dunno, I just thought it was pretty cool.Today me and my buddy Nick (kid from the high school I do contact work at) decided to go fishing. This was a candid shot I took while we were at the bait and whatever shop. We had a good time chillen, but didn't catch anything because the darn lake we were at had so much friggin weeds in it, we couldn't even get out a good cast. AHHHH!After the fishing was over, I went to my sisters house to work on her computer a lil bit more. I got it all hooked up so that it should run real smooth and they won't have any problems. The pictures from above are from a pool party that was held for all the Young Life kids that went to camp. It was a blast, and we had so much fun. I wish the top picture would have turned out better, but it was too dark, and I didn't have good placement.

I am so super tired. I love God though. :-)

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