Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yes, it sure was nice to finally be back for S day. I have really missed my church (Pathway), although I do view "church" differently. I think there is this really messed up view of what church is suppose to look like. I don't think church has to be that 1-2 hour time frame you spend with a group of individuals singing, then listening to a message. I don't think that is what it was intended to be like.

Also, DAVE church, the church I was attending on Saturday evenings is now held on Sunday evening at 5:00, it was really good to be around Dave & Richard and Margie. Dave's daughter Rachel gave a very awesome depiction of how God is working in her life. She just got back from a church event called CDYC (Central district Youth Conference), which I have gone to several times when I was in high school. It is awesome to see how God is working in her life, and to see how sold out she is. Such a refreshing thing to see. I sure do see a lot of wisdom in that 16 year old head of hers.Also went to Collateral to end the evening. My ex girl friend Lauren was there with her cousin Brittney, and it was nice. That is Lauren in the above picture in the black. It was really nice to chat with her and her cousin, to be personable and that is just good. I have nothing but smiles about tension free relationships, especially ex g/f relationships. They should all be like that....ha...


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