Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have a clean bill of health, and I actually don't have a clue what PingmyHEALTH means, I just thought it looked good. When I was being examined at the Indiana Center For M/S, she said it was by far the best examination I have ever had. Strength was perfect, coordination was awesome, vision was a little off (colors, brightness) but the important ones were right on! Not only that, but she agreed to keep me on Tysabri for at least(minimum) 6 more months, plus one more month left in this first 6 months of it. When she said that, I was very pleased. This drug is doing amazing in my body, and I just want to keep that up. I know no body knows the long term side effects, but I really don't wanna stick myself with a needle every day, and that is the next option. If/When I get of Tysabri, they will put me on Copaxone, AHHHHHH! I don't wanna go on that stuff, it is a once a day sub-cutaneous injection, those just suck. But I am not even going to think about that, I am just going to keep my eyes on the main goal and keep trucking forward. God will do whatever He needs to do, I just have to keep on doing what I need to do. That is just how it is.

Took a QUIZ today in my class, and I believe I DID SUPER GOOD!!!



Megan said...

good for you for having a clean bill of health! :)

yay for doing super on your quiz! :) I hope you got lots of sleep! :) Wow, i put in lots of smilies hehe.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for a good doctor review!
Copaxone isn't that bad. I manage to do it every day, plus get 2 allergy shots a week. Talk about feeling like a pin cushion!
Take Care!

Lauren said...

Awww Mikey, that is just so wonderful to hear and I'm so happy for you!

Next month I go for my 24th Tysabri infusion... has it been two year already? Wowzers, time flies when your disease isn't progressing, eh? (heehee)

I hope and I pray that your improvements continue and that your MS disease progression has halted if not slowed down significantly with the help of Tysabri.

I'm sending you all my best,

Lauren :)