Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the BMV, awww man

Okay, so the morning started off kind of late. I slept in a bit. Well, I had been online chatting with someone who has been on my heart. We talked and talked, and then it hit me. Well, maybe it didn't hit me till later on this morning, but it hit me none the less. I am not called to change people, in fact it is impossible. I just have to love. LOVE LOVING.

Well, last Thursday I lost my wallet at the theater when I was at The Dark Knight; midnight showing. So, I have to refill it. New drivers license, insurance card, Debit-card, ohh and I had my checking and savings account in it as well.....DO'OH! Got all but the drivers license taken care of.They totally redid the Pine Valley BMV, all new everything, same great pace. ;-) While I was waiting in line, I saw someone from the past. If only the phone was pointed a little bit to the left you would see her holding her baby. It was a girl named Liz. She use to be in my neighborhood when I was a young buck, she was cute and a good personality. Well, she just recently had a baby and is making due. I spoke with her and her little one Ellie.

Well, then after 10-15min in line I get to the lady behind the counter. All I wanted to do was to purchase a new license for $10. Well, my license was suspended. And the lady told me I would have to go to the reinstatement office to find out why. So I kept a smile on and did just that. about 35min later I was well on my way. Well, I guess what happened was when I got this most recent purchase of 6months of car insurance, I was not mailed an SR-22 form which is for high risk insurance. I have to carry it with me in the car at all times. Well, for one reason or another it didn't get mailed, and I wasn't notified about the suspension of my driving privdlages. Well, I GOT IT!! CHECK OUT THIS PICTURE!She had to retake it 3 times. She kept saying, nope, were not gonna allow that. Finally she gave her co-worker the "look" and he said, "just take the picture." Horray for my smile and eyebrows, the first one was EXTREME, this one isn't nearly as good. After class today, I went tanning. It felt so good. I LOVE TO GO TANNING! So relaxing, so comfortable, I was extremely close to falling asleep. Big quiz tomorrow, twill be filled with much study time. Me and someone else from class will be studying together. It will be good. I am going to go get into a devotional, and then go to bed.



Anonymous said...

don't go getting skin cancer too!

Anonymous said...

The driver's license made me lol!