Wednesday, July 09, 2008

listen to what I did today

Today I was at the YMCA by 8:15AM or so, I worked out and it felt great. I am going to keep going as long as I am able to get home and start working on my STAT 125 homework before I go to my job at the YMCA doing childcare. That is in fact, exactly what I did. I worked out and then came home and worked on homework. I am feeling good about the work so far too. IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING THOUGH. All is well, I can do it.

Time flew by and soon enough it was time for me to go to work, ya know, that new job I got at the YMCA doing childcare. It was great, I am more of a "glorified babysitter" but I already enjoy and will continue to do so. I did mostly some swimming with the kids today, and it looks like that will be the "norm" through the summer. I like it, they are a cute bunch, most are younger like 5-7ish or maybe 8 or 9, I dunno. They are cute and funny, and I can tell they are already testing me on the first day! But guess what, I was just like, or worse than the most rambunctious one of them. This gives me a little bit of an edge because I know how I appreciated or needed to be handled when I was a young buck. Not to back down, but not to let someone walk all over, and PATIENCE! Which I just so happen to have a lot of and will continue getting more and more as I am tested.After work, I went to class. After class I met up with some of the Young Life guys from the camp I went to in Michigan. It was good, they were honest and we "talked." Then they got in the pool, I had enough pool for the day, so I dipped out after we got done talking. It felt good to be home today, I was super ready to stop the go GO GO! But at the same time I seriously love being busy so much. I am excited to go to the Y & work out and feel healthy. It's all good.
Prayer Request:
That I meet some people that I really get a long with who love Christ and are SWEET/AWESOME. Meeting guys would be awesome, healthy & help to keep me accountable in ways that would be hard for a female. Meeting females, or "a female" would be great because I wouldn't mind meeting that special lady & I get a long really well with females.


(about 35min later) I posted this BLOG, and then thought about my prayer request. Maybe I don't need "new" friends. Maybe I just need to put time and effort into the Christian friends I already have. Thy will be done, whatever he has planned for me, I want to be game for. So I guess I just tweaked the prayer request a little bit. God will understand. :-)

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